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what is being said about Rosie?

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"Indie folk warmth"

- Rachel Cholst, Adobe and Teardrops

"An amazing Indie Sound"

- Lefuturewave

"feels like it’s taken out of the

90s songwriting playbook."

- Will Oliver, We All Want Someone To Shout For

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"Mia Day channels a natural songwriting ability"

- Will Oliver, We All Want Someone to Shout For

"In a world that romanticizes not doing well, “Appointments,” a new song by Mia Day, shows what it’s like to feel a change in yourself (...) this song serves as a reminder to forgive yourself after a year of hibernation in an increasingly claustrophobic world. "

- Celeste Felsheim, Dans Tunes Seattle


- Dans Tunes Seattle

"Mia impresses listeners with thoughtful lyrics, she writes amazingly well (...)  I guarantee you’ll be amazed by the music." - LEFUTUREWAVE

"(...) she has a very magical, spiritual, earthy quality to her. Super creative, really talented."

- Kevin Cole, 90.3 KEXP


About Mia

Groovey, Fairy, Cowgirl Witch

Mia Day discovered her love for storytelling on a half broken type writer under her parents stairwell, moving to songwriting and making music soon after. Inspired by the vivid imagery crafted by  Benjamin Gibbard and Leonard Cohen, as well as the writers heartbeat of Taylor Swift, Day has claimed a songwriting style that embraces the weight that small moments carry. A record store junkie, over thinker, Seattle native that grew up under the endless grey sky, Mia's music turns inward with the harsh vulnerability that comes with spending a lot of one's teenage years alone. Her voice is a strong spirit that marries unconventionality with beauty, softness with a demand to be listened to. At the age of 20 years old, she has released a full length album, "Gold," as well as two E.P's known as "Years" and "Lone Rider." Her music has been played on 90.3 KEXP radio, Rainy Dawg Radio, Chapman Radio, 107.3 KBFG, and at 18 was named one of Sub Pop Records "Best of the Pacific Northwest" on Spotify.

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